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Neighbouring Towns & Villages

We are lucky to have beautiful neighbouring towns and villages, each with different tings o offer. Let us know what you would like to do when visiting Clonlum and we can advise you as best we can. 



Known as the Gateway to the North, Newry sits snugly amidst the natural splendour of the Mourne Mountains and the Ring of Gullion. It's at the very heart of the Home of St Patrick, on the borders of Game of Thrones® Territory, and just a short trip away from the fairytale landscapes of Ireland’s Ancient East.

Newry is filled with shops, cafes,  services or beautiful for a walk along the canal.


Dundalk, County Louth, enjoys a great location, strategically located approximately midway between the two largest cities in the island of Ireland, Belfast and Dublin. It sits where the Castletown River flows into Dundalk Bay. The town is close to the border with Northern Ireland and equi-distant from Dublin and Belfast.

Carlingford (6).eaa25e1d.jpg


On the edge of Carlingford Lough and at the base of the Cooley Mountains is picturesque Carlingford. Explore the medieval streets, try the famous local oysters and have a drink in a 16th century castle.

Take off on a walk up Slieve Foye and watch the ferry sail across Carlingford Lough below before strolling along the water’s edge on the Carlingford Greenway. If you’re feeling brave, join the swimmers in the water by the pier.



Warrenpoint – a small port town – is perched on the shores of Carlingford Lough, a beautiful inlet bordered by the Mourne and Cooley Mountains. The whole region is steeped in Irish mythology, from the boy warrior Cuchulainn and the first-century Cattle Raid of Cooley to Fionn mac Cumhaill, the giant whose battles left a 50-tonne granite boulder on the peak of Slieve Martin. 

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